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We are excited to present  CW-swiper, a beautiful new gallery allrounder.

CW-swiper is a slideshow and gallery module for Joomla that covers a hole host of different use cases. With CW-swiper you can select one or more image folders as source and have a nice slideshow, gallery or site-hero up and runnning within a few minutes and all of this for free!

If you need even more flexibility, the CW-swiperXP plugin extends CW-swiper by an image manager, where you can select and organize single images and add captions to them. The plugin also comes with ready to use presets from a simple slider to a beautiful hero, which makes it even easier to get going without having to configure every single parameter by hand.

If you have used CW-fotorama for Joomla 3 in the past, you will be familiar with CW-swiper rather quickly, because it is the successor. Since the Fotorama JQuery plugin seems to be no longer maintained, we switched to the amazing Swiperjs as the core basis and extended the functionality to make CW-swiper our best slideshow module for Joomla 4.

Just give it a try on our demo site and see for yourself.

Our bestseller CW-hire has reached yet another milestone: Beginning with version 3.0.8 we are introducing a plugin infrastructure to CW-hire. This in itself doesn't change anything, but it opens CW-hire up to be extended without altering the core component. That means, if you need any customization for CW-hire to adjust it to your business-needs, we can do almost anything for you, without affecting the update-compatibility of CW-hire itself.

Usually nowadays most updates go smoothly. But if they go wrong, this can render your website completely useless. Once that happens, it can become a challenge even for the most experienced webmaster or web developer, to get the system going again and before you know it, you spend hundrets just to fix a problem that could have been avoided in the first place.

I am excited to announce the release of our new Joomla® download module CW-files. It's specialty are PDF documents, but it works perfectly for all kinds of downloads.

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